Reduces skin blemishes and adiposity, improves firmness and elasticity of the skin

Cellulite System products synergically fight cellulite blemishes with a draining, lipoactive and moulding action. The active ingredients fight orange peel skin and adipose build up by enhancing skin tone and elasticity.

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    Infiltrans draining and firming cream

    Nourishing cream that helps the toning, firming and moisturizing of the skin. For best results it is recommended to run the application with a light massage. Ideal use in combination with Infiltrans Spray and Infiltrans Gel. Foundation for drainage with Lymphodrainer.

    Ingredients: Hazelnut oil, extract of sea fennel, ivy, ortosiphon, marine oak and horsetail; ermuda grass, vitamin …

  • Cellulite


    Infiltrans modelling body gel

    Gel with active gently cooling formula. Quick absorbing. Effective against adipose build up and blemishes caused by bad circulation. Skin-toning effect. Ensures smooth silky skin.

    Ingredients: Caffeine, carnitine, guarana, butcher’s broom, escine, witch hazel, essential oils of orange, lemon and cypress.


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    Infiltrans Cellulite spray

    Product particularly suitable for the shock treatment of cellulite. The active ingredients give a heating action, ideal in the treatment of fatty deposits and cellulite. Ideal use in combination with Infiltrans Cream and Infiltrans Gel.

    Ingredients: Extract of sea fennel, essential oils of lavender, rosemary, cypress, sandalwood and camphor; methyl nicotinate.