Designed for sport professionals and amateurs

Our Sports products are perfectly adapted to indoor and outdoor training and to every phase of physical activity. First, they prepare your muscles, then they enhance endurance and finally they enable swift and optimal muscle recovery. They sooth tired muscles and quickly and naturally restore muscle tone. They naturally relieve muscle pain and contractures, leaving you feeling instantly restored.

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    Reinvigorating leg gel

    Invigorating leg gel eases fatigue of feet and legs and procures a sense of lightness and freshness to your legs.

    Ingredients: Essentials oils of peppermint, thyme, rosemary, lemon, lavender, aescine, butcher’s broom and witch hazel.

    150 ml

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    Arnica ointment

    Arnica ointment after-sports body recovery. Helps the body recover after physical activity, it eases muscle pain and contractures and procures an immediate feeling of wellbeing.

    Ingredients: Arnica, St John’s wort, capsicum and wintergreen oil extract alongside the essential oils of rosemary and marjoram.


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    Restorative arnica friction

    Has a restorative effect after intense physical activity as it relaxes muscles, joints, legs, arms, the back and the neck. It also helps relieve tired and swollen legs and feet.

    Ingredients: Arnica, menthol and camphor extract alongside the essential oils of peppermint and mountain oil.


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    Cream with thermo-active formula

    Cream with thermo-active formula prepares the muscles for physical activity. You might feel a light sense of pleasant warmth, and in case of overexertion, it naturally relieves muscle pain, contractures and cramps.

    Ingredients: Arnica, St John’s wort and capsicum extract alongside the essential oils of rosemary, marjoram, nutmeg, coriander and camphor.